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    Single status evidence & Decree Absolute

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    Single status evidence & Decree Absolute

    Post by makem on 26/02/10, 11:15 pm

    I have a Statutory Declaration made before a Notary Public (cost 80 + VAT)

    This states that I am Single having been Divorced. (Divorce Ref. No. stated)

    I will have this Legalisex by the FCO and Chinese Embassy.


    Having 'proved' I am single, (and I am told the only word the Marriage Office look for is 'single') do I need to Legalise and produce the Decree Absolute either at the Marriage office or for the Settlement Visa?

    Looking at the Settlement Visa document checklist it only mentions the Divorce document for the applicant. I am told the Marriage Office don't need it.
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    Re: Single status evidence & Decree Absolute

    Post by handyal on 27/02/10, 01:25 am

    Hi Eric,
    I'm travelling home today. Will be back in the UK tomorrow. I have some news on documentation for marriage, and on Visa applications. Whilst in Nanning I went to the Marriage Office to confirm some issues.
    Also whilst at Guangzhou I cleared up some other issues re Visas. I have much knowledge now. lol.

    When you apply for her Visa, you will be applying as a married couple - not divorced. You must suppliy your marriage certificate in this case. The VAF4 is a general form for settlement, you need only complete the parts applicable to your situation.
    Busy packing now.

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