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    The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

    Post by wanneroo on 09/11/10, 01:49 am

    Good one Alan, I had that sort of thing with my ex Wife, it is just the way it is with Woman from all cultures , Mary went into a "Button and Bows" sort of place in Fremantle 1.5 hours later we walked out I have had years of shopping with Women its a pain however Mary is somewhat older but still likes to look good, She loves dresses and all the feminine things She says to me Iam only "looking" looking! only, hours just dissapear,everything here costs more than China, she is learning to find her way with the pricing everything she picks up is made in China even Mary was made in China,
    Mary has been here 1 week and isnt one for going out and about she cant stand wasting time and money it takes a little getting used to but I cant say its ever boring Very Happy Very Happy
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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

    Post by davidmckendrick on 09/11/10, 03:22 am

    When Mei first arrived here I took her to Harvey Nicholls and similar shops where dresses were "reduced" to over 1000. Then I introduced her to Matalan etc. I rarely go shopping with her except to act as driver. When I see her with shoes or dresses I've never seen before she usually claims that she brought them from China. Last year she was buying souveniers to take back to her family and friends in NanNing. Things like plates and cards with pictures of Scottish scenes, Edinburgh castle and lots of tartan. We checked these items before she packed them and every single one was made in China so she refused to take them. It is extremely difficult now to find anything that is not made in China from hand cream to DVD players.... Of course she does have one thing that was made in Scotland (a husband).

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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

    Post by CPRSCC on 09/11/10, 07:34 am

    Had a giggle at your story Al. You should try shopping for clothes with my wife. She's a tailor.
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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

    Post by handyal on 09/11/10, 09:31 am

    Hi Chris,

    Ling used to run her own clothing business so they know what to look for. I sympathise with you.

    They know good quality clothes when they see them, but want to pay 'rags' prices !
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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

    Post by Beijing2008 on 09/11/10, 09:36 am

    Yep Shocked , it is an experience , after the first time you decide ;NEVER AGAIN, so this year YiXuan went shopping, and go to a hairshop close to the hotel.There they put in some hairpins and beats me what they do more, but it takes hours.And we stayed outside walking up and down the road..Never again.Mad
    I think in the month we were in Nanning , se went there twice a week.
    And after that went shopping, and came back with items, I thought it would cost me half an hour to buy.And of course have a bite on the shopping tour.
    If she left at 11, it didn't expect her back before 4.
    One day I went out with LongFei,kite flying with Beijing Olympic Kite at the square in front of the Guanxi Government building,and she was angry we were not at home. So I told her, we were on holiday also, and she couldn't expect us to stay an wait for her. Twisted Evil
    The world isn't turning around one person in the family.

    You probably know the shopping centre with all the small clothes shops, 'jewelry'and so on.Going there is also a day trip....
    An other thing is buying clothes for Lance; if she buys something, it most of the time is meant for a boy of at least 2 or 3 yrs older,TO BIG.
    He is now 1 mtr,she buys for 110/120cm...GRRRRRR

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    Re: The other side of marriage when you marry a Chinese

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