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    Schengen Visa - Germany

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    Schengen Visa - Germany

    Post by makem on 15/08/11, 10:57 am

    My wife and I are considering travel by car in Germany.

    I sent an email to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany London to ask for confirmation that they considered me a member of an EU State.

    Their reply was:

    Dear Mr. Watson,
    yes, as a british national you are a "member of an EU State".
    H. Hille

    .LOND REG3 Reichl, Eva schrieb am 12.08.2011 08:30 Uhr

    I sent a further email asking if, in taking my wife with me on a tour of Germany and other countries, would I be exersising my rights of free movement.

    Their reply was:

    As an EU citizen you can live an travel freely within the EU (incl Germany). If you have family members who are not EU citizens they might need a visa before travelling. Information can be found on our website

    _Kind regards,

    Nina Walter
    German Embassy London

    I sent a further email pointing out that my question had not been answered fully.

    Their reply was:

    Dear Eric,

    Yes, you are excercising your rights of free movement.

    Kind regards,

    Nina Walter
    German Embassy London

    Consequently a visa for my wife would be free and she would not have to complete as much a of the application form for a visa as others.

    Documents required for spouses of EU nationals:

    EU-national's passport + copy
    applicant's passport + copy
    marriage certificate + copy
    address in Germany
    visa application form with one passport picture

    You may apply by post:

    If you are a spouse of an EU or German national

    The fields marked with * shall not be filled in by family members of EU, EEA or CH citizens (spouse, child or dependent ascendant) while exercising their right to free movement.

    These fields are the inviter, and cost of travelling.

    Questions about these subjects often seem to crop up. Perhaps it would be a good idea to keep this definative proof?

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    Re: Schengen Visa - Germany

    Post by Graham on 15/08/11, 01:50 pm

    Well done Eric.

    Top marks.


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