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    ILR & Pensions



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    ILR & Pensions

    Post by paulnottingham on 11/09/11, 03:33 pm

    Not sure if anybody will know the answer to this - or where we might find the answer but...

    My wife has been living, studdying and working in the UK (all within the conditions of her visa) for 8 years - this will be 9 years by the time we get our ILR (we were married last year)

    What will happen to her National Insurance number when she gets ILR - will it remain the same and if so will she have 9 years of contributions registered to her UK state pension - afterall she has been paying NI all these years

    Or will the government have some excuse to get out of that and she will have to start from 0 contributions at 30 years old?

    We will be looking at private arrangements as well but its helpful to know what (if any) state entitlement she may have when planning such things
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    Re: ILR & Pensions

    Post by handyal on 11/09/11, 05:13 pm

    Your NI number follows you through life, it never changes.

    Any contributions she has made will be credited to her, but to check if she is up to date, or has a shortfall in any year, you should contact the DWP who can give you a pensions forecast.

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