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    Marriage in Shenzhen in September


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    Marriage in Shenzhen in September

    Post by Shenzhen on 30/07/15, 09:04 am

    Hi guys,

    I am planning to marry my Chinese fiance is Shenzhen in September.

    We have been going out together for about 2 years and met while she was studying in the UK.

    I am a British citizen.

    I have contacted my local registry office in the UK and will be going in to sort out the details for my affirmation of marriage certificate tomorrow, which will go on display for 28 days before they issue it for me.

    Am I correct in saying once I receive the affirmation of marriage certificate I need to get it translated? Can I do this in the UK?

    I believe I can then go to China on a tourist visa and we just need to make an appointment and turn up with my passport and affirmation of marriage and my fiance takes her houku and other ID's etc and we can get married?

    I've read online that I need to be in china for 21 straight days before we can marry, am I correct in saying I skip this by getting my affirmation of marriage in the UK?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys

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