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    Chinese children


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    Chinese children

    Post by Robert on 10/10/18, 12:47 pm

    When we married a Chinese lady she understands she must learn English to enter the UK she does everything in her power to pass English entrance exams but when we think of the children they're not compelled to learn any English to enter the UK so it's not really important for them when we applying for a visa,
    But the problem starts when they arrive in England with children without realising it's it can be a lonely life for a child who can't speak or communicate to people around them it must be really frustrating for them some children can withdraw because they're not getting the help what is required they just want to go back to China where everybody understands them and it'll make family life very unhappy. I cannot speak for every child because children are all different I can only give you my experience about my stepson maybe you can understand the difficulties of a young child coming to a country what speaks strange language and as a strange culture to them.

    My stepson is name Jian came to UK when he was nearly 10 I didn't send him to school straight away he eventually went to school six weeks after arriving in the country because first I wanted to teach him the basics like using a knife and fork teaching him some basic words get him used to our English culture he couldn't understand why you can't have his pudding before his main meal or having his soup last the one word what you didn't want to hear is “why” because sometimes you didn't even know yourself why so that's how we always do it in this country and you're not going to be any different I told him, many times I fell about laughing with him some of the things he used do or say other times you feel like pulling your hair out with frustration at the end of each day as a reward I take him down on the beach what wasn't very far from my home in reality to give me a rest more than anything else. He was really desperate to make friends with the local children but I used to say not yet wait for your English to improve I thought the children may take the mickey out of him and really upset him we all know children can be really cruel sometimes.

    On the day he entered School I was a bit nervous for him Jian himself was really looking forward to it not a nerve in his body was upsetting him what I realised much later Jian was not nervous at anything I always think they removed his nerves when he left China.

    The school headmaster was absolutely brilliant this was the first child that couldn't speak English at the school he made all the teachers in the school to talk to Jian in English every time they see him to help him to improve his English including the school caretaker.

    The headmaster arrange for a special needs teacher to come into the school to help him with his English but first she wanted to see the the parents before she started teaching Jian English we made arrangements to meet the special needs teacher was asking me different questions about Jian we almost finished the meeting when she said my English was very good she thought I was Chinese she's very embarrassed when I said my accent is not Chinese it's northern English I thought god help Jian. ( I moved to Norfolk from Lancashire)
    Jian did very well at the Junior School in 6 months he was speaking very good English his school friends was always inviting him to their houses for tea he never had a problem making friends it was amazing.

    The only problem I record at senior school just shows you how political correctness has entered the schools unknown to me at the time three older boys was calling Jian various racist names then one day he was on his own on school playing field these three boys started to fight him one boy ended up with cracked ribs the other a bloody nose the third boy run away, the headmistress called me in explain what happened and said she going suspend Jian for 3 days from school I said why she said for fighting I was bloody angry I said Jian was defending himself what you expect him to do in a middle of a playing field she said he should have reported the matter to me straight away, I realise whatever you said I wasn't going to win I thought so I said to the headmistress you're not going to suspend Jian for 3 days I am taking Jian out of school for one week for fishing I'm going to reward him not punishing him like you're doing had nothing more to say I just said you are pathetic and walked out, only good what came out after that incident nobody dare lay a finger on Jian in the school.

    But in general Jian had very nice time at the school teachers was really wonderful with him he never cause me any more problems after that incident he went on to achieve 3 A Levels spent the next 3 years at Lincoln University where he gained a first in accountancy and finance and today Jian is training to be an accountant the only downside I can say about my son he supports Liverpool Football Club when the rest of the family supports Manchester United well you always have a black sheep in the family.

    So if your wife does have a young child don't worry create the right environment with the right attitude your child can succeed with a little help from the old man but I can remember many happy times with Jian I can almost write a book about our relationship it turned out to be a super son very proud of him. can you believe it he supports Liverpool bloody hell.

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