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    Marriage in China - UK Info


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    Marriage in China - UK Info

    Post by Equalizer on 15/10/18, 01:32 pm

    Marriage in China
    You can make an Appointment and download forms from this link.

    Before you start
    Contact the local civil affairs bureau (‘Min zheng ju’) where you or your partner are registered to find out about local marriage laws, including what documents you’ll need.

    If you’re a man you must be at least 22 and if you’re a woman you must be at least 20.

    You or your partner must live in China to be allowed to get married there.

    Prove you’re free to get married
    You need to swear an affirmation or affidavit that says you’re legally allowed to get married.
    This costs Ł50 per person. You can pay in the local currency with cash or credit card.
    An affidavit is a religious document. If you don’t want to swear a religious oath, you can sign an affirmation instead.

    1. Make an appointment to swear your affirmation or affidavit at the UK embassy in Beijing or the consulates in Shanghai, Chongqing or Guangzhou.

    2. When your appointment is confirmed, download an affirmation or affidavit.

    3.Fill it in on your computer but don’t type in the signature box - you’ll sign it at the embassy.

    4.Email it to the embassy or consulate where you booked your appointment:

    If your partner is British, they’ll need to follow the same process to swear their own affirmation or affidavit.

    You’ll need to bring:
    1.Your passport
    2. Proof of your address, for example a tenancy agreement, utility bill or driving licence
    3. Evidence if you’ve changed your name by deed poll
    4. Your partner’s Chinese ID card and Hukou (if they’re Chinese)
    5. Your partner’s passport (if they’re any other foreign national)

    If you or your partner have been married or in a civil partnership before, you’ll also need:
    1. The original decree absolute or final order (this could be a PDF and covering email from the court) - if either of you are divorced
    2. The annulment certificate - if either of you have had a marriage or civil partnership annulled
    3. The civil partnership dissolution - if either of you have had a civil partnership dissolved
    4. The death certificate and marriage certificate - if either of you are widowed

    If your divorce, civil partnership dissolution or annulment took place outside the UK, you’ll need evidence that you or your ex partner lived in or were a national of that country at the time.

    You need to get your supporting documents legalised and translated if they’re not in English or Chinese.

    Get married
    You’ll need to give your signed affirmation or affidavit to the registrar at the civil affairs bureau where you or your partner are registered.
    The registrar will marry you and give you a marriage certificate.
    After you get married
    Your marriage will be recognised in the UK if:
    you follow the correct process according to the law in China
    it would be allowed under UK law
    You don’t need to register your marriage in the UK.

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