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    Forum Registration and Help. Empty Forum Registration and Help.

    Post by Our Land on 20/06/10, 11:39 am


    Registration is free, quick, and easy. Click on 'Register' on the top header of the forum.
    Enter your username, as you wish to be known by on the forum.
    Enter your password, to log into our forum.
    Enter your e-mail address. Please check your e-mail address is correct.
    Complete your profile details as completely and as accurately as possible.

    Within a few minutes of your registration, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. This not only validates your e-mail, but also advises the Administrators of your request for membership.
    Once an Administrator has checked and approved your registration details, your membership will be activated and you will be in informed by e-mail that your accont is now active.
    We aim to process your membership request within 24 hours.

    Please check your spam folders for replies.

    If your e-mail address is incorrect you will not be able to confirm your membership. You are welcome to try again. All unconfirmed memberships will be deleted after 48 hours.

    Please read the FAQ on the top header of the forum, and the other announcments posted within this section, as these will give precise instructions on the use, and behavior expected by all forum members.

    Welcome to Nanning and China Information Forum

    We encourage you to join in discussions on the forum. You can ask any question you like, we hope you find the right answers. The majority of members are quite knowledgeable about marriage, visas, China and much more, to make your journey to Nanning or China as trouble-free as possible.

    Definitely no private advertisements without permission.

    If you wish to promote your business and it is beneficial to the members and you are offering a discount we are happy to promote your business on the website itself free of charge. Please contact an administrator for further details.

    We do like an active membership. You can post a message on the forum or answer one of the various questions. We encourage new members to communicate on the forum within 10 days of joining. A member who does not post within the first 10 days will be classified as a none active member, and will be emailed after the seventh day of their membership, to see if they are interested in remaining a member of the forum. If the member is no longer interested, their membership details will be removed from the forum database.

    Any member who is removed after their 10 day period can re-join at any time.

    This site is completely free to all members, so we hope you find it very useful and enjoyable, and make many contacts and friends.

    Private Messaging

    There is a PM system available to members after 10 postings. New members can receive a PM but cannot reply until you have reached the required number of postings. Any private messages or contents thereof posted on any forum will be removed, and the member responsible will face action decided by the Administrators, which could result in suspension, or being removed from the site.

    The Management Team

    The duty of a moderator is to make sure the forum is running freely, helping members to place their postings in the right forum, removing any abuse, helping to solve any dispute between members, and to give general help and advice.

    Duties of the administrator are the same as a moderator, but they have more duties including, activating new members, dealing with forum enquiries, putting members in the correct section and updating information.

    Remember the Moderators and Administrators are also members, and post as such.


    The language for use on this forum is English but some of our members do speak other languages.

    If you have difficulty communicating in English then post in your own language as well and we will do our best to help you.

    If you have any problems, please contact the Administrator on the following email:

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