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    Typical Questions asked at Interview.


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    Typical Questions asked at Interview. Empty Typical Questions asked at Interview.

    Post by Equalizer on 16/10/18, 08:11 am

    1. Was the application form completed by you personally.

    2. Who helped you complete the form.

    3. Why do you want to go to the UK.

    4. How long will you stay in the UK.

    5. Will you work in the UK.

    6. How do you know your sponsor.

    7. Have you met your sponsor.

    8. When did you meet your sponsor.

    9. Where did you meet your sponsor.

    10. How many times have you met your sponsor.

    11. What kind of relationship do you have with your sponsor.

    12. What is the name of your sponsor.

    13. Can you spell your sponsors name in English.

    14. Can you write your sponsors name in English.

    15. What is your sponsor’s birth date.

    16. Do you know the social relations (family and friends) of your sponsor.

    17. Does your sponsor have children.

    18. What are the names of his children.

    19. Do you know where his children live. (detailed address’s).

    20. What was the marital status of your spouse.

    21. What date was your sponsor divorced.

    22. What was the name of his former spouse.

    23. Where is his former spouse now.

    24. Where does your sponsor live.

    25. Do you know his address.

    26. Is your sponsor’s home rented or owned.

    27. How long has he lived there.

    28. What is the structure of the building.

    29. How many floors in the building.

    30. Which floor does your sponsor live.

    31. How many square metres of area.

    32. Will you live with your sponsor.

    33. Is your sponsor employed.

    34. What is his job.

    35. How long has he done this job.

    36. What is the name of his employer.

    37. Do you know the address of his employer.

    38. Which days does he work.

    39. How many hours a day does he work.

    40. What time does he start work.

    41. What time does he finish work.

    42. What time does he leave home to go to work.

    43. What time does he return home.

    44. Can you describe the daily life of your sponsor.

    45. Does your sponsor have a Bank account.

    46. Does your sponsor have a savings account.

    47. How much is his savings.

    48. Does your sponsor have any hobbies.

    49. Do you have any hobbies in common.

    50. What is your sponsor’s favourite colour.

    51. What is his favourite sport.

    52. What is his favourite team.

    53. Why did you marry due to the age difference.

    54. Does he own a car.

    55. What make.

    56. What colour.

    57. How old is the car.

    58. Was it purchased from new.

    59. Does your sponsor speak Chinese.

    60. What school / college did he attend.

    61. What qualifications did he achieve.

    62. Where was he born.

    63. Is he left or right handed.

    64. Does he have a mobile phone.

    65. Do you know the number.

    66. Which city does he live near.

    67. How do you communicate.

    68. How often do you communicate.

    69. Where did you marry.

    70. Why did you marry.

    71. Is your husband here.

    72. Can you speak English.

    73. Does your husband speak Chinese.

    This list is not exhaustive. These are questions that have been asked at interviews to establish a genuine relationship with your wife/partner when applying for a Visa to enter your Country.

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